Hands and Feet



The Strands Manicure
Includes moisture soak, alpha hydroxy cuticle remover, cuticle oil, massage and polish.

Shellac Gel
Includes Strands Manicure
$35 and up

French Manicure
The Strands Manicure followed by a French polish.
$27 and up

Aroma Manicure
The Strands Manicure followed by aromatherapy, utilizing essential oils to nourish, repair, relax and restore hands and nails to their natural strength and beauty.

Spa Manicure
The Strands Manicure followed by a paraffin treatment.


$50 and up

Pink and White
$35 and up

Gel Fills
$35 and up

Back Fills
$30 and up


Additional Services

$3 and up

Polish Change
$12.00 and up

Soak Off



Strands Pedicure
1 hour includes a moisture soak, cuticle remover, callus exfoliation, salt scrub, massage and polish

Aroma Pedicure
Strands Pedicure plus your choice of aroma oils and 10 minutes of intense reflexology massage


Additional 10 Minute Massage


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